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Kent County needs
housing security.


  • I will work to make Kent County a leader in fixing the housing crisis

  • I will push to bring back the Land Bank to create more housing

  • I will fight to eliminate household lead that poisons our children

Kent County needs
public health.


  • I will protect women's access to reproductive health care

  • I will expand Community Mental Health programs

  • I will support Health Department responses to lead poisoning, substance abuse and future COVID-19 waves

Kent County needs
justice reform.


  • I will lobby to increase de-escalation techniques and mental health training for law enforcement

  • I will advocate for smart reforms that will help us end decades of injustice and stop cycles of poverty

  • I will push to expand the capacity of our mental health and substance abuse treatment courts, which lower recidivism and get people the help they need

Kent County needs
a healthy environment.


  • I will protect our water from lead and PFAS contamination

  • I will support innovations to expand recycling and composting and reduce the need for landfills 

  • I will expand County Government’s use of clean energy and electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions

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