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Hello, I’m Melissa LaGrand and I’m working for you.


I’ve started multiple small businesses in Grand Rapids, and I’ve worked to bring more vibrancy to our neighborhood business districts.  I know the challenge and responsibility of creating jobs, meeting payroll, and being a good neighbor to people who live and work in our city.  


I’m passionate about public health. I served six years on the board of Cherry Health, where I advocated for state and federal funding to increase access to high quality healthcare for the underserved. I am currently on the board of Network180 because I want to secure and improve Community Mental Health services in West Michigan. If you or someone you care about struggles to access healthcare of any kind, I am working for you. 


As the mom of a daughter who is blind, I have been an advocate for inclusion and accessibility in our public spaces, in education and transportation. I know first-hand that addressing big challenges requires persistence, commitment and outside-the-box thinking.  If you have a disability or care for someone who does, I am working for you. 


I have served Grand Rapids on the Mobile GR & Parking Commission and the Vital Streets Oversight Commission. If you want a commissioner who understands infrastructure and will advocate for better transportation options in our county, I am working for you. 

I’ve volunteered in the Grand Rapids Public Schools and in educational outreach at the Grand Rapids Symphony. If you have children in public school or care about education in our community, I am working for you.

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