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Hello, I’m Melissa LaGrand and I work for you.


It is my honor to serve the people in the 16th district on the Kent County Commission. My goal is to improve life in our city neighborhoods every day. 


I have been a bold, progressive voice for you on the commission, promoting justice reforms, health care, smart land use, equitable economic growth and environmental justice.


I want what is best for my family and what is best for your family too. And, as our region grows, I want to ensure that no one is left behind.  


I am committed to policies that will support those who live with insecurity of work, housing, and essential services, and I will work so that both long-time residents and newcomers feel welcome and secure. 


Our community is better and healthier when everyone can thrive. The growing prosperity in Kent County must benefit all who call it home. I want Kent County to be a good home for you.



From public schools and parking lots to transportation and mental health, I’ve worked, served, and volunteered all over Grand Rapids and Kent County. My experience and deep local roots have served you well in my current term as your Commissioner.



You can help me continue to push for affordable housing, community mental health options, a robust public health care system, and the full funding of speccialty courts.

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